Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Clean up, Clean up, Everybody Clean up!

Two different opportunities came up this week to enter to win some beads and other things by showing off (1) your messy workspace, and (2) how you organized your work area. I thought that definitely was a sign for me!!

I have been working my self crazy lately trying to find things so I took the pics of the extremely messy  workspace first and went about trying to organize and straighten my hugely complicated jewelry making world!

I think I’m in a happier place right now. So if you want to try to win some goodies for sharing your workspace organizing tips, head over to Lorelei’s blog and enter her giveaway as well as Cynthia of Ornamentea’s “show us your messy workspace” giveaway.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daffodils and Woodlands

I’m in a Treasury today. I know I shouldn’t get so excited, but I think it’s an honor! I am trying all forms of promotion lately, sales are just sooooo slow, so if I can get views by being in an Etsy Treasury, I’ll take ‘em!

And I still dream in colors. This week it’s daffodils and honey! Hope you like my created Treasury for the week!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some bead show results!

While I’ve been trying to organize the new beads, I keep coming back and forth to my worktable and getting inspired. Here are a few of my new earrings to share in this quick post. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head. I wish I could DVR them to watch at a later date!!! :)img_0106_00  img_0100img_0107

Monday, June 14, 2010

Will work for Beads!!

I can’t help myself. I can’t look at a bead, be near a bead, think about a bead, touch a bead, or sell a bead without coveting them for myself! I try, try, try with all good intentions to not come home with all my earnings spent from working a weekend bead show but I just can’t do it! I’m weak, yes, but I sure am happy when I get home!

I worked the Durham Intergalactic Bead Show at the Durham Marriott this weekend and had so much fun! Watching women (and some men) touching, looking, ooohing and aahhhing over beads and pretty little things is so rewarding! I especially like sharing ideas with them when they pick up strands of beads and wonder what they can do with them.

I had so much fun with a couple of women who were new to jewelry making. They made my day! (If you’re reading this, you girls know who you are!) Headpins=Little hangy downy things!

So here’s all my loot. Most of it from Theodora’s Beautiful Beads. (The booth I work at.) Thanks Luke!


img_0110 img_0109

Remember to: Enjoy the beauty around you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Donation to the Arts!

I was proud to create this necklace to donate to my son’s high school’s (Athens Drive High School) art foundation. We had a silent auction on Mother’s Day along with a beautiful concert that the students performed for all the mothers in attendance.

The necklace was snapped up and money was donated to a good cause!

I like it so much I’m going to have to make another one. And maybe another one….(I see some good color combinations in my head as I type!)

Remember to: Share your jewelry for a good cause!