Saturday, August 18, 2012

Been working on this bracelet for over a year! (don't you hate when that happens, you just can't get it right and keep putting it aside?). Originally had the beautiful Japanese chirimen cord from Ornamentea strung on to bracelet memory wire with a filigree thingy on top. Didn't look right. The filigree kept flopping over to the side and something about the cord on the wire wasn't visually attractive. Think it was because the wire would sit on the side of the inner cord of the fabric!

Also had this button for a couple of months. I was going to use it in one of my beaded braided bracelets like the one below but I couldn't get the color match with beads quite right. The aqua blue was beautiful but didn't match any of my beads and the red had a slight orange tinge to it! 

Well the two worlds collided by accident and I was soooooooo happy! Went to Ornamentea on Friday morning for Breakfast and Beads (my summertime weekly pleasure. one more Friday to go before back to sad!!) and brainstormed with the girls and the lovely Tracey, who helped me with this idea!!! I LOVE YOU TRACEY!! :)

Came home and played some more and this is it so far. Still some tweeking to do with this one, but I am in love with it. 

Here is another one that will go in the shop first:

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